Thursday, February 17, 2011

Everlee Brooke's Surprise Birthday

This pregnancy was a little boring, so less than 24 hours before baby #3's scheduled birthday, we decided to spice things up!

Saturday, two days before baby was scheduled to be here, I cleaned, finished up laundry, and even made time for a pedicure. All that was left was the last minute stuff I was going to finish up Sunday evening....or so I thought.

It was Sunday and we were getting ready for church and about 10 minutes before we were ready to leave, I got a severe pain in my right side. It lasted probably a good 10 minutes. I still felt uncomfortable, but we headed to church anyways. I was uncomfortable all through church, especially when Cru insisted I hold him most of the time. But I managed.

After church, before heading home, we had to stop by my parent's house to pick up some food for the Super Bowl, which was that evening. My parents, brother, sister-in-law, and niece were all coming over to watch it. As we were driving, my pain intensified again. I was barely able to walk in my parent's house and warned my mom that we may be putting a call into the hospital. We pulled out of their drive and were barely a block away when Chet turned around. The pain was so bad, I was in tears at this point.

We brought the kids back to my parent's house and called the hospital. They immediately put a call into the doctor who was doing my c-section, and after talking to her (who was afraid my uterus was tearing), we headed right to the hospital.

They hooked me up to the monitors. Baby was great, and I was having contractions, but nothing I really felt. They checked me for a kidney stone, which was negative. Then they did a sonogram and discovered inflamed bowel; my crohns was flared up. Something that never crossed my mind.

At this point, my other doctor told me that we'd be doing the c-section in about 30-40 minutes! Emotions were really running high now. The surgeon who did all my previous surgeries for my crohns was called in; they weren't sure what they were going to find. Three doctors during this process.

And just to note, by this point, I thought for sure it was a boy - born on Super Bowl Sunday, plus the boy middle name we had picked out was named after my surgeon who was now in attendance.

Both of our families were now at the hospital, and as they took me down to surgery, they all stayed back and made their predictions.

Chet watched as they pulled her out, and he said for sure he thought it was another boy because she looked so much like Cru. He said he kept waiting to see a little wienie, but then all of a sudden, they said, "IT'S A SISTER!"

I wasn't totally shocked it was a girl. Reese called it a she all the time, so I found myself calling it a she, and even when I tried to correct myself, it still just felt like a girl. All of you who voted girl on the poll, way to go!

Chet checked on her, "10 fingers and 10 toes." She was perfect!

After meeting her, they took her upstairs for examination, measurements, and a bath.

And while everyone was having fun upstairs, I was still in the OR, where they did a thorough exam of my bowel before finally stitching me up.

I was afraid with all of my complications and Everlee being a little jaundice, we'd have a longer hospital stay, but thankfully we were only there the anticipated three days.

On Wednesday, February 9, we finally headed home.....

in 14 inches of snow.....

where it was time to begin this crazy journey as a family of five!

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