Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Swimming and Movie Poolside Party

Wow, I can't believe how fast Reese's birthday {party} snuck up on me!  We literally picked the date two weeks before, even handed out invitations to her school friends two days before party!  How terrible is that?!

She, of course, requested a pool party again!  Can't thank Grandma and Grandpa enough for letting us host this crazy bunch of kids year after year!

Her and I do our best to incorporate a different theme each year with the swimming....this year included an outdoor movie!

It was a tad chilly for swimming...kids didn't seem to mind!  But the cool August evening was perfect for an outdoor movie!

I didn't take as many pictures this year, but here are the highlights....

I have learned that it is not worth it for me to make my kids' birthday cakes!  I don't have the time, talent, or PATIENCE!

But because I waited until the last minute with everything, I really had no choice.  So, I went to Pinterest for some inspiration...popcorn cupcakes.  Seemed easy enough...cupcakes, frosting, marshmallows, and a little food coloring.

Holy crap!  I wanted to shoot myself!  I spent over two hours cutting marshmallows to look like popcorn....NEVER.AGAIN.

My assistant felt the same!

The kids watched Sandlot 3.  They were wrapped in blankets eating way too much popcorn and candy...it was perfect!

Thankful Reese has such great friends in her life!  They all made her party so special!

Reese doesn't officially turn nine until the 31st.  I'm in denial...and holding onto this last week of her being 8.  And she's already counting down until she turns ten....

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