Wednesday, April 15, 2015

When I woke up this morning, I thought, "Surely this Tuesday won't be as bad as last Tuesday?!"

We made it to school on time, for starters!

But instead of Everlee throwing up at school, she pooped her pants.  Big time.  The little turd {no pun intended}, has only had a handful of accidents since being potty trained including her training period, yet she pooped her pants AT SCHOOL?!!!!  In her defense, she was at recess and she told me, "They don't have bathrooms outside."  Plus, I've noticed she's kind of become embarrassed when it comes to number two lately.  Still shocks me though.

We kept busy in the afternoon like always.  It's youth week at the credit union, so I thought it would be fun for the kids to deposit their Easter egg money from Grandma Linda only to drive all the way across town and forget the money.  Then drive all the way back across town only to not have time to get back out there because Cru had a hair cut.

Then it was time to pick up Reese.

I make four trips to the school on Tuesdays.  {Six on swimming lesson Thursdays.}

Our Tuesday after school activity schedule drives me to drink!  I warned Cru that after his snack there wouldn't be any playing with the neighbor boy; he had two choices - backyard or basement.  He chose backyard, Everlee too.  But somehow found their way to the front and to the neighbor's house.

Big trouble.

We are really struggling with this right now.  I understand they are excited to play outside.  I'm excited too.  But I cannot spend every minute of every afternoon babysitting them and the neighbor.  I can't even eat my lunch and clean up, and they are already outside!  Yes, we live on a quiet cul-de-sac, but I do not trust them nor do I feel comfortable letting the go out front alone.  So I've made rules, but they are not following them!  Today, enough was enough.  Them not listening earned them 45 minutes of alone time in their rooms {with Cru taking one poop break}.  But then we had to take Reese to dance only Everlee was sound asleep.  She hasn't napped in years!  She is going to test the boundaries, but will never be innocent.  She tries to act so tough and put blame everyone else, but poor thing, she's just too sweet...tears fill her eyes, lip puckers, and she is guilty as sin.  Every single time.

When I woke her, she cried and said she was sorry.  Multiple times.  Broke my heart.  But also the little turd needs to start listening!  She's been a pistol since turning four!

I swear we just woke up, except it's time for dance, soccer, and softball....three activities, three locations, all in an hour and 45 minutes.

Shoot me!

Hustling {shoeless} out of dance to get to softball {late}.

Good news is I think Cru's soccer coach is pushing practice back 15 minutes, which will give me enough time to get Reese from softball and back over to soccer field instead of both practices ending at same time.

Like I said, not much better than last week.

Still relying on sugar and Dexter to forget the struggles.

And the fact that tomorrow is April 15th!!!  We will have Chet back!  Last night, he worked until 3am.  Wonder what tonight will be?  Ok, so maybe poop, scolding, and taxiing isn't so bad....

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