Monday, April 6, 2015

Fake Eggs, Real Paint

We put a little twist on "dying" Easter eggs this year.

We aren't really hard-boiled-egg-eating people, so when I stumbled upon ready-to-paint eggs at Walmart, I bought without hesitation.

Fake eggs + real paint = no brainer!

And add a cousin to the mix, and you've got some very happy Buchman kids!

We also mixed paint with shaving cream and rolled the eggs in it.....

Pretty sure they {Reese and Everlee....Charlee and Cru wanted no part of that mess!} just wanted to squish their hands in shaving cream.

After paint was distributed and the kids got after it, I thought to myself, "This could potentially end is disaster....PAINT ON CARPET!"

But I kept my thoughts to myself to prevent jinxing anyone of those four little people; they were doing so well.

Then, Taylor Swift came on Pandora.....

This makes me laugh SO HARD every time I watch it!

I know dying eggs is tradition, but sometimes it's fun {and ruins pants and stains carpet} to break tradition.

And we will break tradition again next year with fast drying, washable paint.  Same fake eggs though!

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