Friday, April 3, 2015

Spring Break

When your husband is an account, you can pretty much guarantee you won't be taking a vacation over spring break.  Which is actually totally fine with me!  Yes, a vacation would be nice, but I consider it a vacation not having to set an alarm every day!

Here's a glimpse of our "vacation"....

Saturday and Sunday before

We enjoyed the beautiful weather and our neighbors moving back home after a big kitchen remodel {I live vicariously through them.}

The area behind our cul-de-sac used to be filled with rows of trees {in front of and behind the railroad tracks}, but the city recently torn them all down due to drainage issues.  It looks so different :(  But one plus, it's all currently leveled out, which makes for a super fun exploring/play area for the kids. 


Last day for Gap friends and family 40%!  Haha!  Mission - get three kids excited about going to Wichita to shop!  I asked them if they wanted to go to the "big" theater to watch the new Cinderella movie.  Of course, they were all over that.  Then, I mentioned that before going to the theater, we had to make a stop at Gap, and if they cooperated in there, we'd probably have time to stop by Dick's.  {The kids know what kind of store Dick's is and unfortunately for Chet's wallet, they love going in there!}  They were game!  Also, I threw in lunch at the Newton Burger King....they were definitely in now!

After our two shopping stops, we headed to the Warren.  I wasn't sure how busy it would be with the movie freshly released and it being spring break, but clearly we got there early enough!

The movie was great!  It's a princess movie I left wishing to be a real princess!

 Tuesday - St. Patrick's Day

If I remember correctly, the temperature dropped that day, so we really didn't do a whole lot.  Plus, Cru had to be around for soccer practice that evening, so I didn't want to leave town and rush to get back home.

We did take time to celebrate Cooter's ninth birthday!

Wednesday - my 34th birthday

The kids and I ran a few errands....

My big girl wishing for a Disney trip this summer!

Chet took the afternoon off, so we headed to Wichita for a little shopping and yummy food!

And headed home for cake with my loves ♥

Three nights of the break, the kids had "campouts" in our room...


Little road trip to Salina....Target and Bogeys!

Friday was the perfect day!  All of Wichita thought the same thing!  I have never seen so many people that!  Followed by a night out with our friends!  Stories which we will keep private ;)

{^^^posted in random order and I'm too lazy to fix!}

Last spring break, we celebrated our friends' 10th anniversary, so why not celebrate their 11th?!

Men vs. Women

We lost, but not by much.


We finished bowling fairly early in the evening, so we hit up a local bar.  Again, the stories {that I remember ;)}, I'll keep to myself and giggle with my friends about, but lets just say I don't think any of us will every forget that night!

Saturday and Sunday

My mom was babysitting Bonnie.  We loved having one-on-one time with her.  She is the sweetest ♥  With the best red hair!  My brother and sister in law are truly blessed with two wonderful daughters.

All three of the kids love Bonnie, but I can't explain protective older brother.  He was such a good helper, loved making her laugh, and would randomly {when we weren't with Bonnie} tell me how much he loves her.

Ok, so maybe I mainly just needed to post some photos and used spring break as the excuse ;)

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