Monday, December 9, 2013

Pumpkin Patches 2013

I figured it was time to finally post about our trips to the pumpkin patches now that there's snow on the ground and only 16 days until Christmas!

One pumpkin patch was talked about here....

Fast forward a few days, still chilly, but snow was gone, and I was super excited to visit Grammy's Pumpkin Patch with Cru and his class.  Big, big thank you to Nana Sherri and Hunter for watching Everlee!!!

Grammy's is such a down to earth place to take your family.  It's educational and interactive for kids, not to mention, the owners are so sweet and so welcoming. 

Cru and his buddy, Brady.

They are quite the pair, if you can't tell!

Loved spending the morning with my handsome little man ♥

Onto, Walter's Pumpkin Patch....awesome, awesome pumpkin patch!!!  I've probably expressed that in previous year's posts.  And I love that we've made it a tradition with Ty, Audrey, and Charlee!

Enjoy all the pics....


Audrey and Charlee with their pastor and pastor's wife.  They hold a very special place in Audrey's heart.

Yeah, that nail in the nose thing really happened!

Let me interrupt real quick....I honestly can't remember why Charlee was so upset, but she was pissed!  Screamed the entire ride, and Ty....well, he was thrilled to say the least.  Droppin' f-bombs with each push of the pedal!


So thankful for the family time!  Our kids love their cousin Charlee (Ty and Audrey too!) so much, so it's so awesome watching them make memories together!  Can't wait until Charlee's little sister joins the cRAziNesS next year!!!

I'm sure she'll have no problem fitting right in....

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