Friday, December 20, 2013

Family Pics 2013

It's been a while since I've posted about stitches and blood....believe me, I'm not complaining!

But I think I left things hanging with our family picture story....

Reese just got stitches two days before pictures, everyone kept saying wrap Evee in bubble wrap...should have listened!

We were headed out the door to meet our photographer who was just pulling up the drive way, Everlee was walking in front of me and literally flipped head over heels down the garage steps!  You know how you see something happen, but it's like it's in slow motion and you can do nothing about it?  Exactly what happened :(  I just screamed, "Oh my gawd! Oh my gawd!" and picked her up off the garage floor as fast as I could!  Chet came running and took her from me and after she left my arms, I look down at my cream shirt, and my shoulder was covered in blood!

I run inside to see how she's doing just as the photographer knocked on the front door....she got here just in time to help clean the blood out of my hair!  I tried to use a Clorox pen on my shirt (who cares if cream turns white, it's better than red!).  Well, it turned brown!  A brown blob covered my entire shoulder!  And the blood in my hair turned my hair dark!  And extra crunchy!

I decided to just take a wet cloth to my shirt, which lightened the brown a bit, but still a brown ring....lovely.  And I had no back up plan....thank goodness for photoshop and posing :)

Despite the accident, Evee showed no signs of her fall.  Thank goodness!  Reese was her usual sweet self.  And Cru....well, he was his usual cute, stubborn self.

I wish I could share all 159 images with you, but here are the images she edited for us.....

Cru was all smiles and cooperating when he had the camera all to himself.....

Unfortunately, that doesn't happen with little miss sassy pants around :)  This is all her....butting in and posing....big brother was thrilled!

I love this of pretty.  If we tell her to behave a certain way, she listens, and receives the bribe reward.  Little brother and sister need to take notes.  Love her so much!


And if I had to pick my absolutely favorites....

Cru was very uncooperative during this pose, but I LOVED it!  Thank goodness our photographer is an editing genius and was able to take his head from one shot and photoshop it into another!  LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!  Blue-eyed family we are :)

My absolute favorite of the kids....

We had just walked up to the tracks, Reese sat down to wait for us, Evee followed, Tina started snapping, then Cru joined in and this was the little loves ♥  So blessed!

Wondering how I could ever choose which to display on the wall....

Oh yes, I did!  And I couldn't be happier!

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