Thursday, November 14, 2013

Halloween 2013....

came and went as fast as grease lightening!!!

Reese spotted a poodle skirt costume in a magazine nearly 6 months prior to Halloween.  Of course, it's not Halloween if they aren't coordinated, so I started brainstorming....

Fast forward to October....Reese still wanted to wear a poodle skirt, so we finally settled on a Grease theme. Love, love Grease!  I decided to rent it the day before Halloween (we only have it on VHS) and let the kids watch some of it to get a better understanding of where their costumes came from.  Cru picked up on one thing during the movie....all the SMOKING!  I caught him from across the living room "smoking" a toothpick!  He's slightly obsessed with people who smoke.  At least he was getting a better grasp as to what a T Bird was....he told his teacher the day before that it was some kind of a bird! that kid!

Ok, so the day of Halloween, the littles and I did our best to keep busy while waiting for Reese to get out of school....we were ready to get the festivities started!

I was actually more than ready a couple days prior to Halloween when I did a practice run on Miss Evee's rebel "Sandy" hair....

LOVE IT!!!!!!!  Reese and Cru were in shock when they saw her!

This was our first Halloween in our new neighborhood, and the kids had a blast!!!  We met up with our neighbors and afterwards decided this needs to happen again because the kids had so much fun together!


Jaxon, Jensen, Evee, Cru, and Reese

As we made our way to the end of our street, we met up with more friends....

Beckett, Everlee, Reid, Reese, Cru, Jaxon, Thatcher, and Jensen....yes, they are all every bit as ornery as they are cute!

Love birds #1

Thatcher and Evee ♥

Love birds #2

Reid and Reese ♥  Her blushing red cheeks say it all!

After making the rounds around our block, we decided to go back home and hand out candy, which the kids loved!  We were busy!

When Reese first said she wanted to wear a poodle skirt, I wasn't feelin' it.  But I am so happy I couldn't come up with any other ideas because I loved our Grease theme!  The kids never put up a fight, their costumes were comfortable, and like I said, they had a blast!

Sweet, sweet memories of my girl wearing my skirt that my Grandma Reese made for me ♥


This girl....holy cow!!!  She was rockin' it!

And I quote, "Tell me about it, stuggg!"  Priceless!

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