Monday, November 18, 2013

A Day in the Life of Everlee's Wardrobe

When Chet walked in the door after work tonight, and he first saw Everlee.....

Chet:  Evee!  How many times a day do you change your clothes?!
Me:  I'm glad you asked that because I actually documented it today!

In her jammies first thing this morning...

Her go-to outfit....wears it every single day, takes it on and off a couple times a day, we've modified it when it's been colder and put purple leggings underneath, but she puts this shirt and this pair of shorts on at least once every single day!

A short time later...

who doesn't love twirly, ruffly skirts?!

Yes, she picks this stuff out!  She yells from her closet because she needs me to pick her up, then picks out what she wants to wear!

And next...ready for Christmas in the rain!

I think I missed one when we picked Reese up from school....a giant fluffy pink tutu.

Lots of empty tubs = a productive day of cleaning my work area and our storage room!

Final outfit of the evening, a KU dress :)

After bath, her "jammies" for tonight....

She's known to change jammies numerous times as well, and since I left before she went to bed, we'll see what she's wearing when she wakes up :)

This is literally no exaggeration about how many times she changes her clothes each and every day!  She has set things she likes to wear too, like the purple shirt and shorts outfit.  She has a pink twirly dress that's a staple.  She actually tried to put it on, but mean mommy took it away since she had pulled it out of the dirty clothes with spilled ice cream on it from the weekend.  She also likes to wear swimming suits and dance leotards A LOT!  And nine times out of ten, she's either wearing flip flops or Toms, like in the ruffle skirt outfit, she was wearing glitter shoes when I took her picture, but minutes later when we went to pick up Cru, she switched to her flip flops.

Exhausted from just reading???

Come do my laundry, then we'll talk about exhausted!

Say what???!

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