Monday, April 29, 2013

It's Like the First Day All Over Again

As my sweet Reese headed off to school today, I felt as if something went missing in my life....

See that lunch box in her right hand?  Yeah, lunch at school.  She doesn't normally eat lunch as school since kindergarten is only half day.  But as of today, she will now go to school ALL DAY, EVERY DAY.

For her classmates who would normally attend daycare, her school has what's called Kindercare.  They eat lunch, have recess, have about an hour extra learning time, centers, afternoon snack and get the point.  Then dismiss when the rest of school is out.  Since I'm home with the kids each day, there was never any reason for her to attend, plus it was going to cost us extra money on top of her monthly tuition.  But when Reese's bff in her class started attending last Thanksgiving, Reese started showing interest.  We put her off and put her off; I was constantly thinking of the next holiday or school break so I could say, "Well, maybe after Christmas....maybe after spring break....maybe after Easter...."

The girl wasn't giving up!

We asked her teacher about it at conferences in February, and she said it would be no problem for her to attend.  There are only 7 or 8 who stay.  So last week, I finally got everything arranged, and today is her first day!

After being beyond excited this entire weekend, she was pretty nervous and hesitant this morning, but I have a feeling that changed as soon as she walked into school.

I know it's short term since there are only a few weeks left of school, and I know she will love it and love being with her friends, and I know it will be a good transition in preparing for next school year, but I sure am going to miss having her home with us every afternoon :(  I feel as if I'm experiencing the first of school blues all over again....

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