Monday, October 12, 2015


Our school's biggest fundraiser.

And now our only fundraiser....can I get an amen?!!!

I always think of our school as a family, and this fundraiser proves it year after's a lot of hard work mixed with a little drama but filled with a whole lot of fun!

Big thank you to all who bought tickets from and supported our kids!  We truly appreciate your generosity!  And an extra thank you to my parents!  Each year, you don't have to participate, but you do and we love you for it!

A big motivation for the kids to sell tickets is the incentives - aka spirit week!  The days they get to participate depends on how much they sell.  Motivation for parents as well!

Day 1 - 50's Day!

This was in honor of our school celebrating it's 60th birthday this year!  So, hello Halloween two years ago...Grease!!!  Goodness, our kids were excited!  Poor Cru ended up missing school that day due to bronchitis.

No matter how many tickets you sold, every kid got the opportunity to participate this day!

Reese's totally feelin' it!  Ev....well, she was super pissed Reese got to wear her scarf like a headband and she had to wear her's around her neck.

She seemed to have gotten over it pretty quick though!

Reese's class was rockin' that morning!

Her and Josie were pleasantly surprised to be dressed almost exactly the same!

Day 2 - Crazy Sock Day

Day 3 - Bullpup/Team Jersey Day

Everlee participated on the days she had school :)

This was also the day Everlee's class walked to Dairy Queen to celebrate selling $1000 in tickets!

And I should note, Reese's class was the top selling class...again!  Ev and I had fun hosting a little pizza party for them!

Day 4 - Backwards/Mismatched Day

Pretty much Cru's every day look :)

Day 5 - Favorite Team Day

I'm just happy Cru didn't wear purple just to spite his mama!

He rambled off some people in his class that had said they were going to wear Royals....

Pretty sure he added a couple boys names in the mix as a cover!  It's the one time he's never rolled his eyes about taking a picture ;)

All that fun during the week {along with lots of hours of volunteering!} led to another amazing, successful Oktoberfest!  Congratulations, St. Joe's!  You rock, again!

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