Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I started this post nearly two weeks ago....yikes!

Here's "lately"....

A.Plastic surgery
B.Pissed Chet off
C.Nailed with the soccer ball during one of Cru's games

Quit laughing!  It hurt BAD!

Football season came to an end.  Loved watching the Purple Thunder!

Soccer came to an end as well.  One of these days I'll get some pics posted that aren't from my phone!

During the last tournament, Cru and Beckett were pushed into each other by a player from the other team...matching boo-boos.


That happened Sunday.  On Monday, I got an email from the school that Reese had bumped heads with a classmate during PE...

I bubble wrapped Evee after that!

Or maybe she chose her own form of "protection".

How does she look that cute in her leotard when she begs for donuts every day?!?

Out to eat in a different leotard....

We run errands here there and everywhere on gymnastics days, which most certainly deserves either donuts or Daimaru!

New grill/smoker for Chet!

He's pretty proud!

We saw the movie Pan a couple weeks ago...then saw Hotel Transylvania 2 a week later.

I treated my helpers to Dairy Queen after working at the pumpkin patch....

As they sat next to each other, they turned towards each other like they were going to kiss.  As I stopped them, Thatch said, "Oh yeah, not until we're older....like 11?  10?"  

Like 30, buddy!

They like to go to the "fish park" while Reese is at bootcamp.

Bootcamp....like kids crossfit.  Reese LOVES it!!!

No, we don't have a cat!  Never will!  Although our neighbors hairless one is pretty intriguing.

Anyways, we have a neighborhood cat.  She lives in the cul-de-sac next to us, but visits daily.  Our neighbors started calling HER "Nollah" only HIS name is Jinx.  He's pretty awesome.  And has no tail.  He tortures Coy.  And he chases baseballs faster than the boys!

Ok, time to end this post.  It's lame.  And I'm tired of thinking about it being unfinished for another two weeks.

Go Royals!

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