Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Field Trippin' with Reese

First of all, BIG thanks to Chet and my mom for taking time off so I could attend these field trips with Reese {two in the past week!}.

First, we became one with nature at the Dillon Nature Center in Hutch.  Prior to last week, we had only been there once {and hope to visit again this summer!}.

We may or may not have spent 30 minutes talking about roly polies....

And picked, rolled, and sniffed leaves!  Haha!  One with nature, I told ya!

More sniffing...

Field trip selfies, a must!

Next trip, Rolling Hills Wildlife Refuge outside Salina.  We haven't been there since the tax season after Cru was born{he was two months old}.  A lot has changed!

We spent all morning walking through the museum and attending an animal education class.  Followed by lunch and riding the tram through the zoo.  It was cold, but a great day!

My crazy passengers!  In the past, I've always had a van load of girls!  Who sit quietly, giggle, and play truth or dare.  Boys...NOT.SO.MUCH.

I love this^

And the "people" in the exhibits....so creepy!  And so real looking, yet so fake.  One boy walked away from the Native Americans waving at them thinking they were real.

Bat caves^

Puppet show!

Oh, you know, just passing around rhino poop!

More selfies!!

We haven't had the greatest weather for field trips, which resulted in us heading home a little early.

I decided to drive by Dairy Queen after dropping off my van load of crazy 2nd graders {the kindergarteners were there enjoying treats with their adopted grandparents} and wouldn't you know, it started raining, so all the kids needed rides back to the school {they had walked there}.

Sure, why not chauffeur another van load of crazy kids!

I spend a lot of time in the van.

And I wouldn't trade it for anything!

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