Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Peace Out, Snow!

Supposedly it's Spring.  While we haven't had snow for a while (knock on wood), it hasn't exactly be all that warm and Spring-like.  So, I thought before it goes from 50 to 90 overnight, I would share some snow pictures that I've been hoarding....hoarding sounded better than too lazy to post.

First set of pictures are from a sledding adventure with friends.  It was FREEZING that day, like -9 and VERY windy.  School's out, lets have some fun anyways.

Everlee was OVER IT before it even started.....

 Don't blame her!

My dad had just dropped off sleds, so I called him to come get her.  Luckily, he could be there in about ten minutes.  Too bad ten minutes felt like ten hours!

 Melisa did her best to entertain...while potentially paralyzing herself!

 Cole, Mallorie, Reese, Everlee, Karlie, and Cru

Cru bailed with Everlee.  And not 30 seconds later, Cole and Karlie were DONE as well.

Cole told his mom it was the worst idea she's ever had, but I'm not convinced it was all bad....

I told the big girls I would stay as long as they wanted, which wasn't long, but boy, did they have a blast!

Thanks for the invite, Coopers!

While we still had the sleds, we took advantage of the snow piles in our circle drive.....


No, not sleeping, but I love how it looks like that ♥

As much as the kids love playing in the snow, and I love photographing them in it, I'm completely DONE with it!  Don't come back until next Christmas morning....and even then, don't stay long!

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