Thursday, April 3, 2014

Our Horse Loving Girl Turns 3!

Everlee has loved horses for quite some time now.  She also loves Dora, Mickey, Sophia!.  But instead of doing a character theme birthday party, we went with horses.  I found so many cute ideas for this on Pinterest, but didn't do any of them since it really wasn't a "party" just a family get together.  I didn't even send out invitations...bad mommy!  So we may have to use this theme again in the future.

One of our old neighbors made her adorable cake.

She's probably the most Frozen-obsessed in our house ♥

And as you can see (from the pictures above), multiple wardrobe changes during her her!

She could not have loved people singing to her more!!!

Her day was so special!  I didn't get pictures of all who were there, but we appreciate everyone's love for our sweet girl.

This little angel is so full of personality and adds just enough sugar AND spice to our family!  She is such a lover...and a fighter.  Her siblings adore her and she worships them!

Another wardrobe change!

Love our doodle bug ♥

Now let me bottle her up (brother and sister too!) and freeze time!

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