Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Sleep Update

It's been a while since I've talked about our sleep drama, which is actually a good thing.  Cru is doing so much better!  My brilliant dad suggested getting him a little night light like what he uses when he stays at my parent's house instead of using his closet light and/or lamp.  Why didn't we think of that a LONG time ago, since clearly lighting has been the biggest factor.  And maybe we did, but figured it wouldn't work?  Oh well, why criticize when there's nothing we can do about it now....except be thankful because it has made a world difference!

Don't get the wrong idea though...he has been out of bed a couple nights.  Mainly to go to the bathroom.  Pooping at 2am....awesome.  Better than pooping in his bed, I guess :)  One night, after coming into our room at least five different times, I finally told him I would come lay with him in his bed for a while.

Ok, first you should know, I am a crazy sleeper myself - see things, hear things, imagine things, feel things, absolutely don't sleep without socks because people will poke my feet...yes, you just read that right.  I was already crazy, but Cru's sleeping habits have made me even crazier!

Kind of like that ^^ except the constant belief that someone is in my room.

Back to Cru's room....here it is 4:30am, I'm squeezed in his twin size bed with him, wide-eyed, hearing every single noise imaginable....things hitting the screen on the window, noises from the vent, street light shining through the curtains.  I honestly could not get out of there fast enough!

And the very next day, I couldn't get his room rearranged fast enough!

I can picture Chet now just shaking his head at this nonsense :)

Insert super cute pictures to distract you from thinking I am a nut job....

Back to sleeping....Evee moved to a big girl bed the day after she learned to crawl out of her crib. Taking down her crib was probably one of the hardest things I've done lately.  And no, I'm not talking about the actual physical act of taking down the crib, we had lots of good help...

But the reality that she sleeps in a twin size bed :(

I was so, so sad and had to leave the room to collect myself.  She turns three this Thursday, she has been completely potty trained (even at night) since summer, the crib was the last way of holding onto her being our baby.

But she was ready....and she is loving it!  And doing great!

She knows not to get out, even when she wakes up, she sits in bed and yells, "I awake!"  Haha!  And I think her not napping helps.  The other two moved into a big bed while they were still taking naps, so they would get out of bed and play rather than nap.  Thankful we don't have to fight that battle!

And leave it to her to sleep in style!  Surely she'll have sweet dreams wearing all that fanciness to bed!

Love, love her ♥

These dang kids give us so much middle of the night drama, wouldn't you know, take them for a ride in Chet's new truck and each one of them OUT....

I mean out!

My Power Ranger needs his rest at some point....how else will he be on his A game always watching my back....

With all that said, good night!

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