Friday, March 15, 2013


It's amazing what sunshine and 70 degrees can do for you!

Yesterday, it gave me hope....

Hope that spring may really be right around the corner.

And hope that we will survive yet another tax season.....maybe.

Chet's worked some very long hours this week, so I think we are all needing a little hope that we can make it through this!

Yesterday reminded me that just when I think it couldn't be any harder to stay at home and parent three children during the winter, there is light at the end of the tunnel!

Their laughter, their smiles, their love for each's always there, it just needs a little sunshine to bring it out as well....

She was going a little fast for my liking.

I did not want yesterday to end....

But it did.....

And it left me even more hopeful for today....

Grandpa - If you're reading, Reese named her Rosie.

Thank you, God for's beauty, pretend cigarette smoking (that's for you, Rhonda), and peeing in the yard couldn't have come at a more perfect time!

"I paw-ee too, Mommy."

Happy Friday and happy spring break!

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