Tuesday, March 3, 2015


It just doesn't seem possible our little man....

is now 6!!!

He started asking BEFORE Christmas if it was his birthday!  And I made the mistake in telling him it's after Christmas.  So, he thought literally the day after Christmas was his birthday!  December 26th to February 26th was a loooong two months!

But we made it!

Per his request, he took chocolate chip muffins to school for all his friends...even if it took me pulling the last batch out of the oven at midnight!  We spent the afternoon playing like we always do.  Then, per Cru's request, we had his birthday supper at La Fiesta!  #tradition  Followed by candles and a presents.

^^^Coolest remote control car!  Drives on the wall and the ceiling!^^^

It was a great day!  But now, the count down was on until party day!

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