Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Bye, Bye Diapers

I think I briefly mentioned a while back Everlee being somewhat interested in potty training. 

I think I also said we bought pull ups even though we are not pull up people.  Well, here it is a few months later and these non pull up people are still buying pull ups.  Actually, WERE buying pull ups!

I didn't think I was ready for my baby to be potty trained...she's growing up fast enough, lets not push it!  However, after spending the entire summer wearing pull ups every single day, I am over it!

So, I swore once we returned from our little KC get away, it was down to business and Miss E would forever be done with diapers!

I talk a big game sometimes.

I couldn't do it.  You can't make them do something they aren't ready for.  And I'm lazy.


And then, one night about eight days ago, something clicked.  She pooped in her potty and it was bye, bye diapers! 

Except at night.

She's had one accident in those eight days!  Just one!  Very proud!  She does it all by herself, no constantly asking or forcing her to go.  She'll disappear from the room only to find her pooping on her own; she likes her privacy :)  I contemplated putting a pull up on her when we went to Salina one day and Wichita the next, but told myself there's no going back; it'll just confuse her.  And she did great! 

She's a public bathroom champ!  Ewww!

She's even experienced peeing in the grass on the side of the interstate....only because big brother needed to go so she thought she did too.  And after squatting for nearly ten minutes, she may as well have just peed her pants because her legs and clothes were soaked.  Chet and I still gave her a big fist pump!

The only thing she somewhat needs help with is putting on her panties....

I guess I'll say it again....bye, bye diapers!  Sad my baby is growing up, but definitely happy to see you go!

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